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x13LAB is specialized in the development, refactoring and management of codes for state-of-the-art scientific applications in the research and high-performance industry.

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About Us

x13LAB is specialized in the development, refactoring and management of scientific applications. We optimize code for high-performance scientific applications to minimize computation time and cost. We have relevant experience in research and high-performance industries, and are able to work with abstract ideas and not afraid to navigate uncharted waters. We are proficient in current programming languages frequently used in scientific contexts, e.g., C/C++, R, Python.

Examples of the work that we do at x13LAB, but not limited to:

  • Parallelisation of sequencing algorithms with GPUs using CUDA,
  • Porting of R libraries to C for performace optimization,
  • I/O optimisation of large dataset manipualtion with MPI-IO,
  • Very high-throughput real-time analytic server with DPDK,
  • Code refactoring for energy efficient real-time data processing,
  • Real-time network performance data visualisation with Grafana.


x13LAB offers several services, listed below:

Code Refactoring

(Legacy) code performance and energy efficiency may be improved by integrating state-of-the-art frameworks, or merely by rewriting. Frameworks include, but not limited to: MPI, CUDA, OpenCL, etc.

Pipeline Optimisation

We tune and automate genomic analysis pipelines for optimal performance and cost minimisation. For example by exploiting hardware functionalities and using specific optimised software libraries.

Software Development

We offer our expertise in the development and implementation of mathematical models and scientific codes in a variety of languages including Fortran, C, C++, R, Matlab, or Python.

Data Visualisation

We exclusively visualise data with R. Time series or high-dimensional data, we have in-house expertise for a variety of data structures and graph types.


x13LAB offers training and workshops in pipelines, software development, and performance evaluation tools for high-performance computing and high-throughput sequencing.

Project Management

We may assist in managing all stages of software-related projects with our project management expertise.

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Get in touch with our technical leader Karel De Vogeleer. We are happy to talk to you!

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